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Patterns Issue 1 2017 - From Timeless to Trailblazing: 6 Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you win by perfecting a marketing practice that has stood the test of time. Sometimes you win by blazing a new path. Proven strategies and innovative ideas meet in this issue of Patterns, with articles that include:

  • Beyond Best Practices: How to Win in a Dynamic Market
  • 5 Insights Into Multiculturalism and Talent Management
  • Retail Is the Ultimate Social Platform
  • The Future Belongs to Millennials: How Well Do You Know Them? 4 Key Trends That Define How Millennials Interact With Brands
  • 4 Insights You Can Unlock by Mapping the Customer Journey
  • 4 Approaches to Creative Leadership in CPG Companies

Know where you are. Know where you’re going. Here’s your GPS.

White Paper
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Patterns Issue 2 2016 - Strategies for Growth: Making Change Work to Your Brand's Advantage

Iconic brands seem timeless and immutable. But in reality, change is constant, and brands need to continuously adapt. This issue of Patterns offers seven perspectives on constructive change, including:

  • Ask Yourself If It’s Right for You: Empowering Health and Wellness Consumers
  • Projecting the Future of Retail: A New Way to Engage Consumers in the Aisle
  • RGB Printing Brings Spectacular Visual Possibilities to Packaging
  • Latin America Is Ripe for Smart, Integrated Digital Marketing
  • The FDA Nutrition Label Update Is Your Opportunity to Gain a Competitive Brand Advantage
  • Building Graphics Workflows Across Emerging Markets
  • Chief Growth Officer: The SGK Perspective on a Critical Development

Embrace change. That’s where you’ll discover opportunity.

Download the new Patterns report now.

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Activating Shopper Interest in Kiwifruit Across Asia-Pacific

Posted By: SGK October 09, 2015

Competing for shelf space in a cluttered market, Zespri, the world’s leading kiwifruit marketer, needed to reposition to capture shoppers’ attention. So when Zespri approached Anthem to create a more engaging brand story across the diversified region, Anthem asked “How do we make the kiwifruit shine while making the product culturally relevant? The result is one of the most buzzed about shopper marketing campaigns in Asia-Pacific this year.

Anthem leveraged its regional creative and strategic network from Singapore to Sydney to design clear iconography across a whole suite of deliverables that strengthened Zespri’s current messaging from general health to key consumer product benefit.  The work had to be culturally nuanced with unique creative for both the Southeast Asia region and the Australia market.

Anthem’s regional team built a relationship with Zespri that evolved from designing the first pack to developing most of Zespri’s marketing communication materials across Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia. 

Speaking about the partnership with Anthem, Judy Lee, Zespri’s regional marketing manager, Southeast Asia and Australia said, “Anthem helped sharpen our brand messaging in a way that would resonate with our consumers on pack and in-store. I felt confident they would ensure Zespri’s brand equity across our additional channels.” 

The integrated marketing campaign led consumers to a new kiwi appreciation—and to purchase.  The holistic brand initiative included shopper marketing, packaging, outdoor and print adverting, and a celebrated television commercial with a strong digital campaign. 

The key to unlocking the kiwi’s potential was to uncover the qualities that make it unique and activate those discoveries. Battling limited awareness and unfamiliarity of the fruit’s nutritional values amongst consumers across Asia-Pacific, Anthem studied the target consumer, women who are looking for healthy snacks for themselves and their families; researched the positioning of the more “popular” conventional fruits; and then explored the kiwifruit’s properties—its health benefits and its colorfulness. Based on the findings, Anthem’s strategy was to express that “happiness and health comes in green and gold.” Eye-catching shopper creations and informative packaging were developed first, then a suite of above-the-line deliverables followed.

The hero of the project became the campaign slogan Anthem developed—“Wake Up With a Kiwi”—which inspired Zespri’s annual marketing programs for the year. From consumer-driven morning fitness events to Youtube campaigns, Anthem’s campaign’s success can be seen through the consumer’s passion and commitment to the brand via Facebook and Instagram social media conversations.  

Notes Steve McGuiness, Anthem’s managing director of brand development in Asia-Pacific, “We started on packaging, grew into shopper marketing, became strategically engaged in workshops, and then leveraged all that experience to develop above the line advertising and a television commercial. Our activation strategy has driven awareness, shopper engagement, and most importantly, sales.”