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7 ways to leverage the FDA Nutrition Label Update to your advantage

June 17, 2016

Rick Lingle, Technical Editor, at Packaging Digest, recently sat down with Carol Best, Senior Vice President, Client Engagement, with SGK, to discuss how brands can transform required package redesign into a true brand advantage.

Follow these 7 steps to turn the required Nutrition Facts Update redesign into a consumer-pleasing recipe for packaging success.

What’s the most reproduced graphic of the past century?

Hint: It appears on more than 6.5 billion packages.

If you guessed the Nutrition Facts label, then pat yourself on the back. Now, thanks to its first redesign in more than 20 years orchestrated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the label’s popularity should remain high even as its accuracy and usefulness is increased. Brand owners and their brands must comply with the new requirements by July 26, 2018, following the formal announcement on May 20.

What’s it all mean for brand owners? Helping sift through and making the most of the regulation from a packaging and package design view is Carol Best, senior vice president, client engagement, SGK. Read the full interview here: