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SGK’s David A. Schawk to Speak at PRIMEXEAST 2016

March 15, 2016


SGK, a division of Matthews International Corporation, and a leading global brand development, activation and deployment provider that drives brand performance, announced today that David A. Schawk, Group President, SGK, will present “The Age of Utility Arrives: A Seminal Moment in the Packaging Industry” at PRIMEXEAST 2016, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, in New York City.

PRIMEX – the Idealliance Print & Interactive Media Exchange conference series – brings together media executives across graphic communications in advertising, packaging, print, and publishing to strategize on key topics-of-interest that impact business today and tomorrow. The theme of this year’s conference is Moment-by-Moment: Graphic Communication’s Bold New World, where industry leaders will share insights on the challenges presented in today’s media landscape.

Schawk will address this elite group of critical thinkers and packaging industry leaders on “The Age of Utility” and why brands and marketers must start thinking of packaging as a portal to a much richer non-linear consumer experience.

“The advances being made in digital technology are what makes this a seminal moment in the packaging industry, said David A. Schawk. “The ability to influence consumers by fundamentally re-shaping the purchase decision process and personalizing it in revolutionary new ways in the digital world is up for grabs – a bold new world exists for those who are willing to push the evolution of packaging forward.”

The next generation of packaging will be responsive to consumer behavior, retail experiences, and cultural phenomena. It will create greater value for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers by becoming part of the digital stream of information, communication, and transaction. It makes traditional packaging more useful and as a result, weaves itself seamlessly into the lives of consumers and the logistics of retailers, delivering greater value to all.

Schawk concluded: “We must embrace the Age of Utility. In it, packaging is transformed from a three-dimensional physical object to a fully-enabled vessel – a portal that allows the consumer to create their own personalized buying journey. And in doing so, creates a deeper connection to the brand.”

David has served in leadership capacities on the boards of both national industry associations and global non-profit organizations.

In 2014, SGK was acquired by Matthews International Corporation. Today, David serves as Group President of SGK, the brand solutions segment of the company. He is also part of the Matthews Executive Leadership Team

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