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Anthem Worldwide And Aurasma Bring The Achouffe Gnomes To Life In A Social Media-Centered Campaign For Belgian Brewer Duvel Moortgat The Augmented Reality “Little Gnome App” Powered by Aurasma Available Today

May 31, 2012

San Francisco, CA

Anthem Worldwide, the brand development division of Schawk, Inc. (NYSE: SGK), whose integrated global network provides innovative solutions to articulate, unify and manage brand impact to create compelling and consistent brand experiences, announced it has created a new campaign for Brasserie d’Achouffe featuring their trademark Gnome as part of an anniversary celebration of the Belgian brewery.

The campaign, a series of virtual and real celebrations during “Gnome Week,” and taking place from June 6 to 9, 2012,—an appropriately Gnome-sized week of four days—celebrates all things Achouffe.

Participating bars in major cities across the U.S., including New York, Chicago, San Diego and Philadelphia, will host the celebration with tastings of Achouffe’s line-up of beers—La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe and Houblon Chouffe—as well as with a pair of hard-to-find limited edition beers—Biere du Soleil and the Gnomegang collaboration ale.

The campaign is rooted in the lore that June 6, 2012, marks the 6,666th anniversary of the Gnomes finding the magical waters of Cedrogne Spring (in what would later become Belgium) and using it to brew a very special beer. Flash forward to 1982, when the last surviving Gnome passed his secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers. It was at this point that Achouffe beers were born.

A key element of the campaign is the Little Gnome App, powered by Aurasma, the world’s leading augmented reality platform. This free mobile app leverages Aurasma’s cutting-edge technology and allows users to discover and share amazing virtual content, integrated into the real world. After downloading the Little Gnome App from the App Store or Google Play, patrons simply point the app at custom made coasters, which will be on hand in the featured bars during the event, and watch the gnomes magically dance to life. Users may also tap on the animation to “Like” the experience on Facebook.

Click here to watch a short video clip of the Gnomes in action:

Bill Wetmore, director of marketing for Duvel Moortgat, said, “In Achouffe, we are fortunate to have a brand with such rich history and an iconic visual property whose charm and magical aura lend itself to living and breathing in the real world in fun, new ways.”

Milan Martin, managing director of Anthem Worldwide’s San Francisco office, stated, “We’re always looking to leverage emerging technologies to give our clients an edge, and for a brand like Achouffe, using Aurasma to augment a real-life experience made perfect sense.”

Trevor Oldershaw, creative director at Anthem Worldwide, added, “The flexibility of Aurasma’s technology helped us deliver a rich, fully-integrated brand experience that engages users on a number of different levels. It literally helped bring this campaign to life.”

Jennifer Rapp, general manager at Aurasma, said, “We are thrilled to see Aurasma’s platform implemented in such a fun and whimsical campaign. Anthem Worldwide and Duvel Moortgat continue to lead the pack in the mobile digital world by introducing consumers to a whole new way of engagement.”

A full list of bars in the U.S. that are participating can be found on the Gnome Week Facebook tab ( that also features information on Achouffe beers, an overview of the planned festivities, and a Gnome Thyself application for sharing your Gnomish alter-ego with friends.

Anthem Worldwide is the brand development division of Schawk, Inc. (NYSE: SGK). Anthem's integrated global network provides innovative solutions to articulate, unify and manage brand impact to create compelling and consistent brand experiences. We do this by aligning our strategic, creative and executional talent worldwide with the business needs of companies seeking a competitive advantage. Anthem offers a full range of branding and design services through our network of world-class design professionals in 10 cities. Anthem is presently located in Chicago, Cincinnati, Hilversum (The Netherlands), London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and York (U.K.). For more information on Anthem, please visit and

The Duvel Moortgat group is an independent brewing group that differentiates itself by its focus on speciality beers and premium brands. Duvel Moortgat owns 5 production plants, the headquarters in Belgium, Brasserie d'Achouffe, Brouwerij De Koninck, premium Pilsner brewery Bernard in the Czech Republic and the Ommegang brewery in the United States, specializing in artisan premium beers brewed in the best Belgian brewing tradition. For more information, please visit and

Aurasma is the world’s first visual browser, a new augmented reality technology that merges the physical world with the virtual. Available as a free app for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices or as a free kernel for developers, Aurasma uses advanced image and pattern recognition to recognize and understand real-world images and objects in much the same way as the human brain does. It then seamlessly blends the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called Auras. Auras can be created for printed images, product packaging, clothing, physical places and users can even use the app to create and share their own applications. Aurasma was developed by and is part of software company Autonomy an HP Company.

Since its launch in June 2011, Aurasma has had more than three million downloads. Over 3,500 partners in markets including retail, fashion, sport, automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment, advertising and publishing are using the free technology in their campaigns, on their products or embedding the technology in their own applications. Aurasma was developed by and is part of software company Autonomy an HP Company.

For more information on Aurasma, visit: