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Executive Leaders

Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh

Regional Group Managing Director, EMEA

Having graduated from University of Duisburg with a Ph.D. in Physics, Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh joined the family-owned company Saueressig in 1997. As head of Research and Development he was responsible for driving market-changing innovations, which have had a lasting effect on the company's image as one of the market-leading companies. This reputation has helped increasing the company's brand value over the past years. With his ambition and drive, he was appointed as Managing Director, from then on being responsible for the operations and success of the Saueressig.

Ten years later, Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh was promoted to being Group Manager for the Saueressig Group, successfully leading seven plants across Europe and the Middle East with a wide variety of products and services. He immersed himself in shaping an organization, including all business aspects from finance, sales and operations to HR, IT and R&D. He linked a variety of topics and drove the organization towards sustainable success: from people and relations via strategy and organization to methodology and tools.

From 2010-2014, Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh was Managing Director of Matthews Europe GmbH & Co. KG, responsible for the rotogravure and engineering business. Under his leadership, the group of companies has been transformed from individual product suppliers to being a strong service network that customers from the converting industry as well as brand owners, value especially for its quality and solution-providing reputation. With his analytical and people skills, he focused his efforts on building a strong team that uses synergies effectively, thereby increasing the company's success.

In 2015, following the acquisition of SGK by Matthews International, and the integration of Saueressig into the SGK Brand Solutions Division, Dr. Sterkenburgh was named to the SGK Executive Leadership Team and continues in his leadership role with Saueressig.