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Patterns Issue 2 2018 - The Time for Transformation is Now. Make it Happen.

Transformation isn’t optional. It’s the way forward for your digital practice, physical presence, social content and more. But the path to effective transformation isn’t always obvious or easy. We’ll help you get out ahead of the latest CPG industry trends with insights and recommendations from SGK experts who have helped companies around the world drive meaningful transformation. Read this issue of Patterns to learn what’s happening across the spectrum of CPG marketing and technology trends, and to get practical advice for enhancing your processes and elevating your brand.
  • Driving Culture Change in the Age of Digital Transformation
  • How Social Media Is Changing Packaging Design
  • How to Create Deeper Connections by Going “Direct to User"
  •  How Digital Virtual Experiences Reinforce the Physical Environment
  • Competing in a State of Content Entropy
  • 4 Ways to Reimagine Your Private Label Today: A Perspective on the Asia Pacific Market
Every transformation has leaders and followers. Be a leader. Get your head start.

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Patterns Issue 1 2018 - Designed to Connect: Meeting the Demands of Empowered Consumers

Consumers now have so many ways to encounter and interact with brands that it can be hard to command attention and forge a lasting bond. In this issue of Patterns, we offer insights into the new consumer empowerment and how to turn it to your advantage by creating meaningful connections.

  • 5 Building Blocks for Winning at the Digital Shelf
  • The Insatiable Demand for Content
  • Rewriting the Packaging Rulebook: Strategy, Design and Delivery Under One Roof
  • Digital Content Production: What's Next?
  • 10 Tips for Successfully Implementing Marketing Automation
  • How to Start Measuring Content Marketing ROI
  • Achieving Value-Based Outcomes: The Role of Human-Centric Design Thinking in Healthcare

Don't just add to the competitive noise. Be the brand that consumers want to connect with.

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Patterns Issue 1 2017 - From Timeless to Trailblazing: 6 Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you win by perfecting a marketing practice that has stood the test of time. Sometimes you win by blazing a new path. Proven strategies and innovative ideas meet in this issue of Patterns, with articles that include:

  • Beyond Best Practices: How to Win in a Dynamic Market
  • 5 Insights Into Multiculturalism and Talent Management
  • Retail Is the Ultimate Social Platform
  • The Future Belongs to Millennials: How Well Do You Know Them? 4 Key Trends That Define How Millennials Interact With Brands
  • 4 Insights You Can Unlock by Mapping the Customer Journey
  • 4 Approaches to Creative Leadership in CPG Companies

Know where you are. Know where you’re going. Here’s your GPS.

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The FDA Nutrition Label Update is Your Opportunity to Gain a Competitive Brand Advantage

For more than two decades, the FDA Nutrition Label has been an icon of informed choice for shoppers. Now, the label has been updated to reflect the latest nutrition science and more realistic serving sizes.

CPG brands must comply with the new requirements by July 26, 2018. Are you ready? Even more important, do you regard the label update as a burden or an opportunity?

Get the latest issue of Patterns and get seven tips for streamlining compliance while also claiming a competitive brand advantage on the shelf. For this and six more articles from SGK’s global marketing experts, read Strategies for Growth: Making Change Work to Your Brand’s Advantage. Download the full Patterns report now.

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Patterns Issue 2 2016 - Strategies for Growth: Making Change Work to Your Brand's Advantage

Iconic brands seem timeless and immutable. But in reality, change is constant, and brands need to continuously adapt. This issue of Patterns offers seven perspectives on constructive change, including:

  • Ask Yourself If It’s Right for You: Empowering Health and Wellness Consumers
  • Projecting the Future of Retail: A New Way to Engage Consumers in the Aisle
  • RGB Printing Brings Spectacular Visual Possibilities to Packaging
  • Latin America Is Ripe for Smart, Integrated Digital Marketing
  • The FDA Nutrition Label Update Is Your Opportunity to Gain a Competitive Brand Advantage
  • Building Graphics Workflows Across Emerging Markets
  • Chief Growth Officer: The SGK Perspective on a Critical Development

Embrace change. That’s where you’ll discover opportunity.

Download the new Patterns report now.

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Anthem Launches UK’s First Interactive Point-of-Sale Campaign

Anthem, a global creative agency that actively connects brands with consumers by amplifying desirability from package design to brand campaign to drive brand performance has launched the first interactive POS (point-of-sale) campaign in the UK, helping to usher in a new chapter in point-of-sale advertising.

See how Nestlé and ASDA reported achieving a 41% increase in sales through the creative application of this innovative technology.

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Variable Marking and Coding: Making the Best of a Necessary Good

Variable markings on packages and labels can benefit brands in many ways – from meeting requirements for traceability, to assuring consumers of product authenticity and freshness, to delivering a customized experience that builds loyalty.

But for some brand managers, variable printing carries a stigma of being costly, difficult to manage and error-prone. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In our latest issue of Patterns, we explore how variable printing can support high-quality production while helping your brand stand apart in the marketplace. Getting marking and coding right is easier than you think – and crucial for brand performance.

For this and four more articles from SGK’s global marketing experts, read Making Connections: Brand Insights from Around the World. Download the full Patterns report now.

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What is Brand Performance?

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