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Digital Print and the Art of Possibilities with SGK and HP

Posted By: SGK September 20, 2016

To explore the future of digital printing, SGK hosted 30 of our leading clients at HP’s Centre of Excellence in Singapore (the largest of 3 centres globally). The centre houses new state-of-the-art technologies along with an extensive gallery of applications.

Globally, the race for disruptive innovation is intensifying with the development of new brands, improvement of existing brands and ‘shelf-out’ communication. Brand owners in Asia are in particular demand of greater know-how in order to disrupt in a region of constant change.

Recognising this, our “Digital Print & Art of Possibilities Workshops” enable our clients to explore the different possibilities for digital print, and the implications for forging deeper engagements with customers and consumers in emerging and developing markets. Attendees included renowned F&B and packaging brand owners Diageo, Kelloggs, Petra Foods, Tetra Pak, Unilever and Zespri.

To encourage our clients to put learning into practice, we posed an ideation challenge, which was facilitated by a team of SGK professionals. Using their knowledge from the workshop and the tour of the facility, we explored the use of new technologies to differentiate a brand’s desirability and relevancy, including: Personalised, Limitedless Editions, Event-specific, Geo-specific, and Real-time.

With a hands-on approach to exploring HP’s digital technologies to cater to the increased demands for print flexibility and personalization, each team managed to deliver refreshing, unique concepts that breathed life into the power of digital print.

“The session was very helpful in introducing me to the power of digital printing and Unilever needs to investigate this further.  The tour of the Centre of Excellence was a highlight as we got to see the application in action.” – Global Procurement Lead, Unilever, Print, POSM and Premiums. 

With infinite print possibilities including short-run capabilities, improved speed-to-market and opportunities for deeper engagement with every pack, HP & SGK offers an empowering approach to embracing digital in the graphics industry. Brands not only have the opportunity to dig deeper into packaging, but also in enhancing shopper journeys through digital print.