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Feeding Shoppers’ Curiosity – BrandSquare Live Session 8/28

Posted By: SGK August 07, 2014

Curiosity is a powerful emotion. It fuels desire and drives new discoveries. So when you can pique consumers’ curiosity, you’ve won half the battle. And if you can reward their curiosity with new solutions to meet their needs, you’ve gained new customers. 

In his BrandSquare Live Session, "Feeding Shoppers’ Curiosity," Jim Lucas, Director of Global Insights and Strategy at SGK, examines how knowing what matters to shoppers in a specific category will allow for brands and retailers to be more successful at piquing consumers' curiosity. And how rewarding curiosity with a new solution can help establish new habits, routines and occasions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how marketers can to stand out in today’s marketplace, including touch-points such as:

•    How shoppers spend more time and effort when curious
•    How curiosity activates reward circuitry in the brain
•    How curiosity enables new behaviors 
•    How to get into consumers’ consideration set

Join us August 28, 2014, at 1 p.m. EDT for this must-see LIVE session. We hope to see you there. Register now! 

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Brand on a Wire: Walking the Tightrope of Regulatory & Consumer Trust – Live Session 7/24

Posted By: SGK July 16, 2014
Brand on a Wire: Walking the Tightrope of Regulatory & Consumer Trust – Live Session 7/24

To a brand, consumer trust is its most valuable asset. There’s also the added pressure of ever changing regulations, such as the upcoming EU1169 for all food and beverages sold in the EU, both in-store and online. That means accurate packaging and proper displaying of information becomes a balancing act for branding, printing and distribution. One misstep and your brand could be doomed! 

In this new BrandSquare Live Session, Scott Strong, SVP and Group Managing Director of Digital Solutions at SGK, takes a look at the complex process of packaging creation, management and distribution. He’ll break down the current process for FMCG, Pharma and retail and look at the risks and challenges of a decentralized approach. And, how this important process is key to maintaining and building consumer trust.

Don’t miss “Brand on a Wire: Walking the Tightrope of Regulatory & Consumer Trust” for a comprehensive look at the perfect balance required when creating, managing and distributing brand packaging. From the technology to the process to the standards, quality and regulatory compliance are more important to a brand’s success than ever.

Join us July 24, 2014, at 1 p.m. EDT for this must-watch LIVE session. See you there!

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Driven By Meaning: Uncovering The 3 Layers Of Perception

Posted By: SGK June 01, 2014

What’s in a meaningful story? Whatever our minds fill in the blanks with, according to Rob Swan, SVP, Executive Creative Director at Brandimage, which is part of our brand development group. 

In his BrandSquare Live Session, “Decoding the Design of Motivation,” Rob examined the three layers of perception and how they help define meaning, which is the key to creating brand stories that spur action, gain trust and build equity.

Perception, he says, is the way we assign meaning to everything we see, hear, feel, taste and touch. We perceive meaning almost instantaneously and, just as the mass of an iceberg exists beneath water, 90% of what we perceive takes place subconsciously, shaped by our emotions and our experiences. This is particularly true in shopping experiences when companies attempt to sell consumers on a branded proposition.

Applying these three layers of perception as you plan and execute design will lead to a more effective, compelling and meaningful story that will resonate with consumers.

Instinctive Perception (What you feel)
This is the visceral, intuitively felt assessment of the elements we are exposed to. It is centered around emotion and feeling which are hardwired into the circuitry of our brains. Think of this layer as literally “driving” the perception of meaning through design, as though one would drive a car. There’s the rush of adrenaline as you feel the car accelerate. 

Subconscious Perception (How you feel it)
The next layer up, but still “below the surface,” is where we put that experience through the filter of our cultural and experiential values to understand what it means to us. This is the “steering wheel” that allows us to use the acceleration and exhilaration of the car and steer it to wherever we want to go. 

Conscious Perception (Why you should feel it)
Consider this layer of perception the proof point. No longer in our subconscious mind, this is the rational, data driven evaluation of whether or not what we are seeing or experiencing is true. This stage can be likened to a speedometer that confirms the speed and direction we are moving in.

To learn how brands can use these three layers of perception to tell meaningful stories that go beyond what is seen, but how it also defines what is felt, watch “Decoding the Design of Motivation,” a BrandSquare Live Session presented by Rob Swan.

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The Retail Imbalance In Emerging Markets – BrandSquare Live Session 4/24

Posted By: SGK April 17, 2014

For most multinationals, the centre of gravity is shifting. There’s no question of the growing importance of emerging economies. And, in most markets, there’s no question of the significance of traditional retail trade. Yet, this integral space between brand owners and shoppers is often misunderstood and neglected.

With experts projecting the growth of the middle class in emerging markets to rise from $1.8 billion to $3.2 billion by 2020, it’s even more important for brands to find their right point of connection. However, agencies and their client partners are guilty of applying methodologies and approaches that have been developed in Western markets, rather than adjusting to regional nuances. 

In the next BrandSquare Live Session, Thursday, April 24 at 9 a.m., Spencer Ball, Creative Director at Anthem’s Singapore office (part of our brand development group) and Kathryn Sloane, Director of Growth at SGK, Singapore discuss the imbalances of modern thinking and traditional trade in emerging markets. And how these markets can now be broken down into three categories, instead of two. 

Traditional Traders: such as India, Nigeria, and Indonesia, where small proprietors account for more than 85% of the market.

Mostly Moderns: such as China, Mexico, and South Africa, where modern trade already accounts for more than half of sales, yet there is a plethora of channels between. 

Hybrids: modern retailers quickly gaining share away from owner-operator, like Turkey’s modern trade, which has increased from 26% in 2005 to 46% in 2011. 

Learn how to navigate The Retail Imbalance In Emerging Markets Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 9 a.m. EDT. See you there!

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Big Ideas From The Shelf Out: Can A Package Show It Understands The People Who Buy It?

Posted By: SGK March 17, 2014
Big Ideas From The Shelf Out: Can A Package Show It Understands The People Who Buy It?

Does your packaging just sit there on the shelf, looking pretty? If so, you’re only inviting other brands to compete on a level playing field. Smart marketers today realize the package can be much more than a functional container with some copy and a graphic design. It can – and should – provide an empowering experience that gives shoppers a reason to care.

“The package doesn’t just contain the brand – it is the brand,” says Lor Gold, Global Chief Creative Officer at SGK. That’s why he’s such an enthusiastic advocate for the power of the package to tell the brand’s story. 

Don’t miss the next BrandSquare Live Session Thursday, March 20th at 1 p.m. EDT, where Lor will explore the question, Can a package show it understands the people who buy it? Lor will discuss:

•    How packaging can fuse design and marketing together
•    Packaging that both inspires and responds to human emotion
•    The marketing investments required to design packaging that understands consumers – and the payoff
•    How interactive, consumer-centered packaging can influence the entire brand ecosystem

Get your team together and join us Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT. See you there!

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The Rise of Collaborative Development Among Private Brands – New BrandSquare Live Session 2/13

Posted By: SGK February 10, 2014

In today’s marketplace, retailers need new capabilities and skill sets to develop successful Store Brands. And we’re increasingly seeing retailers turn to collaboration to address these emerging needs. With easier access to their consumers’ voice, as well as the breakdown of manufacturing barriers, collaboration is more than a new trend – it’s the building blocks of brands.

In the next BrandSquare Live Session, Jim Lucas, EVP, Global Insights and Strategy at SGK, will share how Private Brands are using collaboration approaches for everything from portfolio development and production to packaging and activation. He’ll walk you through:

•    How retailers are using internal collaboration for better go-to-market brand activation
•    How external collaboration with partners can help spark innovation and efficiency
•    How brands are co-creating with shoppers to offer more relevant products

Register now for The Rise of Collaborative Development Among Private Brands – 2/13 at 1 p.m. EDT. See you there!

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The Power Of Circulars In A Multi-Channel World – BrandSquare Live Session 12/11

Posted By: SGK December 06, 2013

Companies today might be tempted to write off pre-print circulars in favor of purely digital product marketing efforts. As far as the data goes, this could be a big mistake! The numbers say pre-print is extremely well read, preferred by shoppers and increasingly agile in delivering key messaging. In fact, page counts are trending up!

In our next BrandSquare Live Session, Lou Bart, SVP of Client Services at Schawk, part of our brand deployment group, will explain:

•    How circulars mesh with young people’s buying habits
•    How circulars synergize with online marketing
•    How technology and process breakthroughs make circulars more agile and economical today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach your consumers when they’re in shopping mode. Learn the important details in The Power of Circulars in a Multi-Channel World - Wednesday, December 11 at 1 p.m. EST. See you there!

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Brand Performance Indicators Strengthen Strategic Design & Empower Agency Relationships

Posted By: SGK November 19, 2013
How Brand Performance Indicators Strengthen Strategic Design & Empower Agency Relationships

Today’s brands don’t have the luxury of strategy and design that doesn’t hit the mark. But how do you objectively measure the power of your brand development as it’s taking place and retroactively, for insights? Our own Carol Best, VP of Client Engagement at SGK, has a solution: Brand Performance Indicators (BPIs). 

This Thursday, in our free BrandSquare Live Session, How Brand Performance Indicators Can Strengthen Design & Empower Agency Relationships, you’ll gain insight into important questions such as:

•    How do brand performance indicators combine qualitative and quantitative?
•    How can you bring analytical rigor to the strategy and design phases without compromising the creative spark?
•    How do better strategy and design resonate through the whole brand process, including your agency relationships? 

Learn how BPIs can remove subjectivity, create accountability and clarify the brand development path for your team. 

Carol Best is an expert in how CPGs and retail brands value and measure brand development activity. Get her insights, plus a live Q&A, in this important BrandSquare Live Session Thursday, November 21 at 1 p.m. EDT. Register now!

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Unlock the Value of Your Content Supply Chain

Posted By: SGK September 16, 2013
Derek Torrey

As an e-commerce brand, you master digital necessities like hosting partners, HTML 5 design and transaction platforms. And you constantly refine your logistics supply chain. But do you apply this same rigor to crucial e-commerce content? If the answer is no, you’re compromising the quality of your photography, video and copy – plus speed to market and profits.

In this eye-opening BrandSquare Live Session, SGK Global Retail Technology Director, Derek Torrey shares valuable insight and case studies for building a fully integrated content development process as well as crucial “links” like:

•    Content Strategy and Planning, including Sample Optimization 
•    Workflow and Business Process Engineering, plus Analytics 
•    Asset Creation, Management and Post Production 
•    Data Integration and SaaS Architecture   

With a robust Content Supply Chain you can orient your entire organization around a lean process that improves agility and content quality. 

If you missed the Live Session, here’s your chance to catch up!


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6 Tips to Get Your Business Geared for Big Data

Posted By: SGK August 30, 2013
Kaiser Fung

Last week we invited Kaiser Fung, author and VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Vimeo, to host our BrandSquare Live Session on Big Data.

According to Fung, the biggest challenge companies face is converting billions of data points into a handful of actionable insights that positively impact their bottom line. To help pave the way, Fung presented these six tips for businesses looking to enter the Big Data game:

1    Start small 
Despite the fact that we’re talking about huge sets of complex data, Fung’s advice is to start small and define a few analytics that don’t require much time to run. Use that data to test a hypothesis and grow in scale when you see benefits.

2    Invest 
To fully harness the power of Big Data, Fung says to invest in the right tools and the right people. One of the most important qualities he looks for in an analyst is “numbersense,” the intuition to sniff out data problems and efficiently obtain insight.

3    Think long term 
The accumulation of data over time is very powerful and can be used to detect seasonal factors that shortsighted plans cannot. Thinking long term will allow businesses to perform a much richer data analysis.

4    Be results-driven 
Companies today are often told to be data-driven. Instead, Fung’s advice is to be results-driven. Data analysis should always be tied to business results.

5    Always use clean data
Bad data is worse than no data at all! Businesses should work hard to ensure their data is accurate, consistent and captured with integrity.

6    Keep it simple
In an age of Big Data, don’t be distracted by the vast amount of information being collected on individuals. Always think twice before using that data to make generalizations about a larger population.

Watch the full recording of “Big Data & Marketing: Harness Its Power” with Kaiser Fung.