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2014 SGK Environmental Report

2014 SGK Environmental Report

Since launching our sustainability program, we continue to reduce our utilities and paper usage. Our emissions are also lower, and our waste is less. Our employees are more productive, our suppliers more efficient, and our clients more successful. We are proud of our accomplishments, yet we’re eager to do more.

With the continued enthusiasm and support of our business partners and employees through 2014 and beyond, there is truly no limit to what we can do.

Through sustainability, we can streamline business processes, and further reduce our energy, paper usage, and waste. We look to increase our efforts to source more materials locally to lessen the transportation impact on our environment. We can leverage technology to accomplish more—faster and more efficiently. All this results in a more sustainable business, industry, and world.

Download the 2014 SGK Environmental Report to learn more about SGK’s bold plan for a brighter future for our planet.

Thought Leadership
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Sustainability! Together We Create Change for Good: The SGK 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

SGK takes a broad and integrated view of sustainability. Our 2013 Report details our ongoing efforts to supply our clients with solutions that are environmentally clean, efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Our efforts extend across materials, technologies and processes and include collaborative efforts that encourage innovation and better the world we share with our clients and customers.

From our increased recycling of polymers to our consistent reduction in emissions, paper use and waste – plus numerous processes that conserve all kinds of resources – SGK is a sustainability leader among companies that serve global brands. The details are right here.