Storytelling the Life of a Mine

Storytelling the Life of a Mine

Groundbreaking marketing & sales enablement platform

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A need to simplify technology
As one of the world’s leading players in the sensor industry, Hexagon’s mining division provides sophisticated sensor data in real time that connects surveying, fleet management, product optimisation, and collision capabilities in a single integrated solution. But while the software is streamlined, selling it is anything but. Sales relied on face-to-face meetings, with paper-based collateral that doesn’t convey the complex nature of their innovative products. Clients were confused and overloaded with technical knowledge, with no clear use case and reason-to-buy.

A gamified approach to data storytelling
We were challenged by Hexagon to realise their goal of business transformation, by creating a new sales enablement platform that clearly communicates the features, benefits, and use case of their product, while allowing customisation to multiple audience groups. We had a singular insight and vision: that the sales experience should be as seamless as Hexagon’s data, telling a connected story across the entire mine. We created an interactive experience to make it as engaging, educational, and self-explanatory as possible, resulting in the Life of Mine Interactive Experience (LOM-X), a digital platform that allows visitors to navigate through an open pit and underground mine. 

Groundbreaking sales enablement
Accessible via various platforms, LOM-X allows a user to step through all touchpoints of a mine, seeing how Hexagon’s data connects with each other. On one info layer, this helps C-suite decision makers to clearly see the benefit this brings to different segments of the journey. And on the other, detailed product and process information help managers understand product suites and features. An additional data storage system and presentation resource tool plug into the sales team’s CRM and support tools, bridging the sales journey from engagement to conversion. With over 35+ locations you can visit through LOM-X, the platform has revolutionised the way the company sells, and how the industry tells its story.

Storytelling the Life of a Mine
Storytelling the Life of a Mine
Storytelling the Life of a Mine