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3 Ways to Connect Your Marketing Content

Posted By: SGK March 21, 2019

This blog post has been contributed by Mark Hewitt, Group Managing Director, Europe, SGK.

The modern path to purchase consists of thousands of channels. From in-store, to social media, packaging to out of home advertising — customer journeys are incredibly complex to follow.

Brands are finally providing genuine reasons to connect, from relevant product content to immersive brand experiences. That’s why connection is key to driving growth

Connected experience design uses technology to connect the user from a physical environment to a digital, branded environment — providing richer and deeper customer experiences throughout the path to purchase.

By connecting all touchpoints, brands can optimise their media spend — redirecting budgets from traditional channels into more efficient and targeted connected activities. In the past, consumers have lacked the applications and technology to connect and were often not sufficiently motivated to engage.

The marketplace has changed, and adoption is at an all-time high.

Here are three ways brands are leveraging adoption to deliver connected activities:

- Packaging

- Retail

- Experience

Connected packages are imbued with sensors and connectivity in the form of codes. Through these innovations, packaging will be multifunctional and potentially offer a key product component while maintaining consistent messaging throughout the customer journey.

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A cereal box that comes out every morning can deliver a different experience each day and as we start to deliver more experiences using AI, custom content becomes available based on location, time of day, weather, and topical news. The opportunities are vast.

In the retail setting, consumers are increasingly expecting immersive in-store experiences. Connected retail is the content between multiple touchpoints within the retail environment including displays, POS, and advertising campaigns.

Connected experience is the connection through the customer journey and is increasingly a focus area for brands and with that a desire to find real value for the consumer. For the first time, brands will understand a clear picture of the product journey beyond the shelf.

Below are three reasons to connect your marketing content:

1. Drives high levels of brand engagement in real-time by targeting buyers/users

2. Enables brands to get noticed and stay competitive by promoting purchase incentives — keeping up with the mass appeal of connectivity

3. Exceed digital category averages by creating distinctive communication assets with fewer resources and budget

Connectivity isn’t just delivering reductions in technology and implementation costs — organizations are also seeing the opportunity to optimize their entire marketing supply chain. These new ways to connect will help brands cater efficiently and effectively to their consumers.