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3 Ways to Engage Consumers Within the Store Aisle

Posted By: SGK May 06, 2016

In our latest BrandSquare webinar, Rob Hollands, director of brand experience at Anthem, gives viewers an inside look at their recent work for Nestlé’s Quality Street brand – rolled out at ten ASDA stores in the UK.

Anthem is a global creative agency that actively connects brands with people by amplifying desirability -- creating an insatiable thirst for brands from package design to brand campaign. Anthem activates brands to drive brand performance. Anthem is part of the brand development group of SGK, which is a Matthews International company.

The value of connected brand experiences will rise in 2016. To win, top brands will engage the customer, create an experience, tell the brand story, and impact sales with measurable results. Anthem is changing the digital landscape in retail with LCD & LED screens, which are now joined by daylight visible projection mapping. Their work for Nestlé was the first of its kind in the UK!

To watch the entire webinar, visit: Rob Hollands Live Webinar: Projecting the Future of Retail 

The journey buyers are taking to make purchasing decisions have changed drastically throughout the years, and now more than ever, brands need to create communication that attracts shoppers within the store aisle. Through connected experience design, brands will gain the attention they need to guide buying decisions in shoppers.

Consumers are now turning to social media and take it upon themselves to do research before even walking through the door of a brick and mortar. Now, the physical retail space must deliver connected brand stories that communicate online and offline, and when looking for information and driving sales, POS is the first offline source.

Use innovative technology. The role of projection in retail will be huge in 2016. Anthem partnered up with Projection Artworks to help its client, Nestlé, drive brand success through insights, creativity, and innovation that resonates with the consumers of the Quality Street brand.

Below are some findings on why brands must create a connected experience design:

  • 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone at the shelf to influence a purchase decision.
  • One in ten of those end up buying a different product than planned.
  • 36% of shoppers read online reviews when shopping in-store.

Everyone has a device in his or her pocket, which makes it really important to translate anything done in the store to be reflected by a mobile experience. By connecting to the consumer with a mobile experience, Anthem is able to adjust its messaging to cater to a specific shopper with promotions and branded content.

Create an experience. As consumers begin to look back at physical spaces, the brand experience must be prevalent. We’re starting to see a rise in big, dominant ecommerce retailers, like Amazon, starting to open their own physical spaces – translating their online messaging with an in store shopping experience.

Throughout Anthem’s journey with Nestlé, they understood that brick and mortar stores were very important to creating a unique brand experience for the consumers.

“One thing we know really well is if we wrap a product around an experience, we sell more of those products, and we sell them more frequently – again and again,” says Rob Hollands.

Their projection campaign ran strategically throughout peak seasons for confectionary: Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas. By creating themed experiences, consumers were drawn to this part of the aisle, and actually increased sales by 41% through the duration of the campaign.

To see the work in action, watch their product launch video: Anthem Launches UK’s First Interactive Point-of-Sale Campaign  

Tell the brand story. Successful brands must be storytellers. The Quality Street brand is a popular confectionary choice in the UK and tells a unique brand story based on holiday tradition of families in the area of the participating ASDA stores where thing campaign was run. Retailers are stopping to tell stories, and the projection technology was used to display the brands story in a fresh, creative way.

By including the above steps to engaging with consumers in the aisle, Anthem was able to impact sales with measurable results and provides a whole new way of active selling! For more information on creating content for the Display Mapper technology, please contact Ashley Jacobs-Roth at +44 (0) 20 7871 7719