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3 Ways Marketers Can Provide The Simplicity Consumers Crave

Posted By: SGK November 20, 2013

No doubt you’ve felt it – that need to pause, take a deep breath and find solitude in the midst of your busy day. You’re not alone. Throughout 2013, strategists at Anthem, part of our brand development group, noted a collective change in mood where consumers are gravitating towards simplifying their everyday.

Here are three opportunities to meet consumers where they are and help them find a better rhythm and cadence to life.

1.    Mindfulness – As consumers build their digital lives and personas, they’re also being intentional about finding ways to slow down and stay connected to their physical reality. 

What it means for marketers: 
•    Brands are often rewarded for newness and excitement, but offering the opposite – calm, relaxing moments – could win loyalty given today’s new mood.
•    Consider offering shoppers moments of mindfulness, by creating calming experiences or offering products that can set this mood.

2.    Intimacy – Consumers are itching to escape the endless expansion of their networks and get closer to building real, tangible connections with the people that physically surround them. 

What it means for marketers:
•    Provide consumers with opportunities to nurture real relationships and build intimate connections using your products.
•    Invite consumers to get to know your brand on a personal level. 

3.    Honoring Craft – Consumers appreciate the time and talent it takes to create quality products. Given the breakneck tempo of their own lives, there’s renewed interest in crafted goods – items embedded with quality and artistry that remain accessible and affordable. 

What it means for marketers:
•    Be explicit about the quality of your products, ingredients and the expertise of designers and craftspeople responsible for them.
•    Create connection points for consumers by developing stories around the people, places and processes that create your finished goods. 

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