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4 Practical Ways To Focus Time & Resources On What Matters Most

Posted By: SGK April 17, 2015

We can all agree that when done right, speed-to-market drives increased sales, enables organizations to respond to quick-turn opportunities and frees up resources to work on growth objectives. But in reality, getting your packaging, promotional, digital and other branded materials to market quickly can seem overwhelming. 

We’ve discussed how practices like validating your inputs, streamlining routing and approval processes and eliminating redundancies can each contribute to achieving speed to market and driving your brand’s performance. Another tactic recommended by our Continuous Improvement consulting team is to re-focus your time and resources on critical consumer touchpoints. Here are four ways to get started:  

1.    Evaluate your mix of marketing materials and identify all of your existing consumer touchpoints. A touchpoint represents each moment a potential customer comes into contact with your brand; this includes before, during, or after a customer purchase. Touchpoints can vary quite a bit depending on your business, but may include: catalogs, social media, coupons, marketing emails, in-store promos, tv/radio spots, website, loyalty/rewards program, etc. Make sure to also identify the organizational unit that owns and manages each touchpoint.

2.    Analyze and prioritize these touchpoints according to growth, value proposition and any available consumer feedback. Then carefully evaluate all workflows that support the less critical touchpoints. Media that are not delivering should require little to no attention from marketing leadership in a $1B+ organization. Relentlessly pursuing this philosophy will free up staff to execute more efficiently on high-value activities. 

3.    Appropriately (re)allocate your resources. A major CPG client recently evaluated their customer touchpoints and discovered they were spending too much effort and time on FSIs, a low level and less critical touchpoint. The CPG removed all tasks related to design initiation, review, and approval processes for FSIs for their Marketing team. Across all divisions, this freed up a collective day and a half of weekly status, review and kickoff meetings for resources to focus on business-driving efforts.

4.    Measure the effectiveness of your touchpoints and marketing materials. Is the touchpoint meeting internal expectations? Is it meeting, exceeding, or failing customer and competitor expectations? To collect this data, use a set of tools that are expressly designed for gathering real-time, front-line business intelligence, including voice of the customer information. Consider customer feedback and exit surveys, social media monitoring, focus groups, and advertisement tracking for starters.

Measurement will set parameters for understanding and improving the customer experience. It is also the foundation for any successful continuous improvement initiative. Learn more about how to focus on what matters most and drive brand performance. Download 6 Ways To Get Your Branded Materials To Market Faster.