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5 Men’s Beauty Gadget Trends (and What They Mean for Brands)

Posted By: SGK May 23, 2016

According to Kathryn Sloane, Director of Growth at SGK, the male grooming industry is booming in Asia. And while there is some movement in the West, Asia continues to grow, and contributes to more than 60 percent of men’s global beauty sales.

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“In a region that embraces technology, it’s hard not to notice the buzz around electronic beauty devices, with the promise of professional results in the privacy of your home,” says Kathryn Sloane.

According to Transparency Market Research, beauty devices are expected to achieve global sales of $10.7 billion by 2018. Brands are tapping into this opportunity by creating electronic beauty products that enhance men’s beauty standards and outperform traditional grooming methods.

Below are five men’s beauty gadget trends to consider:  

Cleansing at night. Asian men are now more likely to cleanse at night, so introducing products and adjusting the beauty branding to relate to nightly rituals will interest this market. By responding to theses cultural and behavioral nuances, brands are given the ability to extend the grooming regimen by encouraging men to go beyond their preferred core products.  

Looking for logic and benefit-driven messaging. Not only are men in Asia looking for professional results with their in-home beauty products, they are searching for products that reflect their social interests – things like pollutant-removal. Brands must build logic and benefit-driven messaging to reinforce its importance in the market.

“With trendy ingredients, brands will be compared on-pack to these more sophisticated shoppers,” says Kathryn Sloane.

Going beyond grooming devices, men are also looking for unique, benefit-driven ingredients in their beauty add-ons, like unrefined shea butter and essentials oils -- creating value for their money spent on premium grooming products. To make it easier for consumers to find these sophisticated products, there is a clear opportunity for retailers or brand owners to differentiate their offerings online.  

Searching for more information. As men are searching for beauty options more than ever, now is the time to respond to men’s shopping habits and re-think your touch points. While cost was once a determining factor of which shampoo to choose, now with everything from organic, strengthening, vitamin-enriched hair cream, ensuring the product is healthy and high-quality beyond price is incredibly important to the modern men’s beauty shopper.

In the UK on the other hand, it is important for brands to differentiate themselves with promotions and special deals. In Germany and France shoppers expect to find lower prices online compared to brick and mortar stores and are interested in searching for new makeover and beauty ideas.   

Open to experimentation. It is important for brands to understand that men are willing to experiment with different products. Free trials open up great opportunity when introducing new or innovative grooming options. In order to get the most success out of these trials, look to where your consumers are!

Try introducing new products at men’s tradeshows and offer free samples or quick demos – or leave a starter kit at a gym your consumer frequents. This way, if there is any feeling of uncertainty, men can take the products and try them out on their own.  

Subscription boxes are also gaining traction in the beauty space by bringing experimentation right to the consumer’s home. Birchbox Man, a monthly grooming and lifestyle subscription, includes product samples of items such as specialty soaps, razors, beard brushes, and more. For just $10 a month, consumers are sent a collection of products, of which could lead to consumer loyalty.

With these on-ground activations and product trials, brands will prove to be a convenient and credible extension of the male beauty regime.  

Looking for dialogue outside of the shelf. To win, brands must build and elevate their dialogue to optimize conversion. With increased visibility through the use of social media and ecommerce sites, it is important to engage with consumers both virtually and at the physical shelf.  

Consumers use the Internet for product promotions, peer reviews, and to view videos for beauty inspiration. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to amplify their online presence with great potential for high returns.

“It’s safe to say, male grooming is here to stay and with more men participating and willing to spend in the category, we expect it to evolve rapidly with intensifying competition,” says Kathryn Sloane.  

As both men and women give more preference to beauty gadgets and personal care, the opportunity for brands in this space will grow with the usage of online shopping. Read more about Kathryn’s insight regarding the men’s beauty market in Asia in the first issue of Patterns: Brand Insights from Around the World