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Brandimage’s Jean-Christophe Estrampes to Present BrandSquare Webinar

Posted By: SGK December 09, 2016

For millennials, brand relationships are forged by experiences. To boost brand performance, you must adjust to their needs, as these technologically advanced, globally connected and marketing-savvy millennials will determine what happens to your brand in the future. So the question is: Do you know how to market to them?

In our next BrandSquare webinar, Jean-Christophe Estrampes, director of strategic planning at Brandimage Paris, reveals key trends that define how millennials interact with brands and tricks to marketing to them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to market to millennials! Register now for Jean-Christophe Estrampes’ BrandSquare webinar: Four Key Trends That Define How Millennials Interact With Brands  

About Jean-Christophe Estrampes: Jean-Christophe Estrampes, Director of Strategic Planning at Brandimage Paris, is an expert in brand positioning and visual identity consulting in both luxury and mass-market segments. With a DEA in Political Science and a M.A. Public Law, Jean-Christophe has 20 years experience in driving innovation, concept ideation and brand workshops, building on his outstanding insights on trends and analyses of major social and marketing evolutions. Together with the Brandimage team, he helps companies build efficient brand platforms and meaningful design programs that drive brand performance.