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Bridging the Innovation Gap: Functional vs. Disruptive Packaging

Posted By: SGK February 12, 2015

Form follows function. That seems simple enough if you’re designing packages to serve the typical functions of containing the product and catching the shopper’s eye. But have you taken the time to consider all the functional possibilities for making your product easier to use, more effective, more delightful? What form might your new packaging take?

In an all-new BrandSquare webinar, Viktorija Gnatoka, Global Packaging Analyst at Mintel, will help you envision your next smart, hard-working package. She'll share innovative examples from around the world that will get you thinking in fresh ways about every package your encounter. How can packaging do more? How can it meet unimagined needs? How can it connect better with consumers? 

Gather your colleagues and join us for Bridging the Innovation Gap: Functional vs. Disruptive Packaging on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 1pm ET. Bring your curiosity and questions to this free webinar. Register now! 


About Viktorija Gnatoka:
In her role as global packaging analyst at Mintel, Viktorija Gnatoka is a compelling presenter with deep insight into the possibilities for packaging to transform a brand. She holds an MBA in Marketing and has more than five years of international experience in product packaging and design, with an emphasis on private label.

Viktorija has worked with retailers and suppliers in European and North American markets to develop strategies for packaging, marketing and private brand promotion. She has also helped shepherd many branding and packaging projects from concept to shelf in the retail environment. Viktorija’s insights appear in Beauty Packaging Magazine, Package Design and other prominent trade publications.