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Designing the Future of Packaging

Posted By: SGK June 19, 2019

This blog post has been contributed by Meenawat Tonyoopaiboon, Client Engagement Director, SGK. 

Packaging is a vital tool that helps build a concise brand personality, attract new customers and retain loyal brand advocates. Visual communication through packaging can create either positive or negative sentiments towards the brand. It is imperative for brands to develop innovative and attractive packaging that resonates with new-age customers – customers who are more tech and mobile-savvy.

According to a recent report, 1.5 billion people in APAC will have a smartphone by 2020, and the number of mobile users is expected to grow exponentially with increased access to technology. As technology is more pervasive than ever, it improves accessibility to products and services at the forefront of the consumer purchase journey.

For Asian consumers, convenience to better education and lifestyle improvements demand quality in the products purchased.

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With 80% of shoppers researching products online while shopping at retail stores, brands need to be relentless in creating an omnichannel experience connecting consumers at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. That means flexible adaptation for consistent delivery of brand experience throughout all channels is key to driving brand authenticity, quality and relevance.

The dynamic nature of online channels creates an additional layer of complexity for brands to adapt packaging, product, and print innovation efficiently. Creative and innovative packaging is required to compete with the constantly changing digital landscape.

The transition of 2D to interactive, media-enhanced packaging allows for interaction with the brand even when the product has left the store. Increased engagement with the packaging beyond the original use of the product ensures the brand captures the top of mind position influencing repeat purchase.

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Key Strategies to Drive the Omnichannel Experience

Packaging born out of collaborations between a brand and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) can break free from traditional packaging style and enter an unexplored creative territory. Introduction to disruptive designs complements product innovations that are now steered towards personalization and product functionality.

Design of packaging has evolved from a single-point marketing tool to creating a wealth of brand marketing opportunities. Consumers are breaking free from the linear purchase making model to interacting with the brands throughout their purchase journey and post-purchase experience.

Tech-savvy consumers embrace connected packaging integrated with technology advances or packaging that resonates with their personality. The shift of this consumer behaviour generates more opportunities for brands to combine technology and innovative pack designs — all working towards creating a brand community of loyal consumers.

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