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How To Remove Communication Roadblocks That Are Hurting Your Speed To Market

Posted By: SGK August 03, 2015

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, including the valuable partnership between agencies and their clients. But good communication can be challenging: agency and production partners are often frustrated by excessive communication pass-throughs by clients and the red tape that barricades information required to create branded materials. 

So how can you eliminate those communication roadblocks? 

Trusting your partners and enabling them to communicate deeper into your organization provides them with a roadmap for information. Empower them to initiate approval routes inside your online approval tool. This ignites the added bonus of helping your team push down tactical tasks, freeing them to do the work that they love and that you are paying them strategic dollars to execute. 

Your marketing team should be tending to bigger branding pieces and media, like innovation or digital initiatives, than managing routing and approvals. It’s simply better resource utilization. If you have serious reservations about this, spend a few minutes evaluating your concerns to understand if they are related to control, partner ability or something else. The idea is to remove obstacles and simplify for speed. 

To that end, the solution could be as simple as assigning multiple points of contact based on areas within your organization. One consumer promotions agency was required by a CPG to leverage a single point of contact within the CPG’s brand design group to field all questions and requests. While this strategy was intended to ensure brand consistency across marketing media, it was inadvertently tripling the number of queues within the workflow for tactical requests. Eventually, the agency received key contacts across the CPG organization for tactical requests such as die lines, bar codes, legal copy and offer codes. 

This simple empowerment eliminated two workflow queues as well as the redundant communications management performed by the brand design manager and agency project manager. It can also eliminate inaccuracies and reduce internal frustrations, because a single point of contact can’t answer all of the questions that an agency will propose. For example, an agency may have a technical question about die lines that their contact can’t answer. A game of telephone then ensues, with the contact reaching out to the PM and then the technical lead, and more often than not the question that gets asked is no longer the right one. Instead of playing this game of back and forth, empower the agency to reach out directly to the technical lead. Questions will be answered faster and more accurately. 

Successful implementation of strategies such as removing communication roadblocks, validating your inputs, and streamlining your routing and approval process will help your organization cut non-value added time and energy from your branded material supply chains and streamline your processes. 

This supply chain optimization and increased productivity can drive your brand’s performance by delivering it to market more quickly, more efficiently and more cost effectively. 

To learn more about how to improve speed to market, download 6 Ways To Get Your Branded Materials To Market Faster.