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How to start envisioning your next smart, hard-working package

Posted By: SGK March 02, 2015

Smart, hard-working packages can do so much more than just contain the product. They can assure you that the product is fresh, make it easier to use, help eliminate waste, simplify dosing and even deliver entertainment.

In her BrandSquare Live Session, “Bridging the Innovation Gap: Functional vs. Disruptive Packaging,” Viktorija Gnatoka, Global Packaging Analyst at Mintel, shared examples from around the world of existing and emerging packaging across platforms, categories, geographies, design and demographics. 

Viktorija encouraged viewers to ensure that their teams (whether they are in procurement, R&D, packaging, brand, insights or marketing) understand the differences between disruptive packaging innovations and solutions-based, hard-working functional packaging innovation. 

They should also consider the packaging status quo within categories and channels they are operating in and determine the solution that will create emotional differentiation on shelf, for example using local claims and providence attributes.

While many solutions might favor functionality over fun, Viktorija also reminds us not to forget that consumers like to be entertained! The intersection of functionality and attributes such as smart packaging and mobile can be the sweet spot for bridging the innovation gap.

How can your package do more? How can it meet unimagined needs? How can it connect? Watch the full recording of “Bridging the Innovation Gap: Functional vs. Disruptive Packaging,” by Viktorija Gnatoka.