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Innovation Everywhere: Improving Brand Performance from Concept to Consumer

Posted By: SGK May 18, 2015

Great brands change lives. To do that, they have to change experiences and behaviors. In the newest issue of our Patterns white paper, we bring you fresh perspectives on how to captivate consumers, satisfy their practical needs and build their trust.

In this issue, you’ll also be introduced to thought leaders at Saueressig and IDL Worldwide – two new brands in the SGK Division, now part of Matthews International. We think you'll enjoy the unique views they offer for meeting today's emerging marketplace challenges to deliver improved brand performance. Here’s what you’ll find:

Navigating the way to structural packaging innovation
While you may have sound financial and logistical reasons for redesigning your package, you need to give consumers good reasons to embrace it. You also need to give manufacturers good reasons to produce it. You’ve built a lot of brand equity into your current packaging and this article will show you how to avoid risks and foster even greater loyalty with your new package design.

Keeping it real: The package is your front-line defense against counterfeiting
Brand counterfeiters are using information technologies and tools to create counterfeit products that are sold into markets around the world as the real thing. Counterfeit products can seriously undermine your brand’s performance and reputation. But there are ways to beat the counterfeiters at their own game. That means using product authentication technologies that are far beyond their reach.

Digital brands going brick-and-mortar (Things get real, real fast)
The omnichannel buzz is all about broadcasting your brand across digital, mobile and traditional marketing channels in a consistent and compelling way. But what about your brand’s physical presence? Historically, brand inspiration has flowed from the physical to the digital. We examine the reverse flow – how brands that have been built in a digital world are taking their message to physical locations.

Reimagining value: How standout brands create new choices 
Consumer values aren’t static or predictable. Consumer values evolve, intersect and recombine in ways that continually open new opportunities for agile brands. The key is to discover a confluence of values that is not being served in the current marketplace, and to fill that niche. This article takes a look at how trendsetting brands are doing it – and the new go-to-market strategies they’re pursuing to leapfrog the competition.

Don’t just be consistent, be relevant
Your brand needs to be consistent across every channel – that goes without saying. What never gets said is this: Consistency alone doesn’t inspire action. True, the core of the brand experience needs to be instantly recognizable in every encounter. But each encounter should have unique relevance to each particular consumer, in each particular time and place. That’s how a brand becomes part of a lifestyle.

Learn more about how to manage risk and drive brand performance. Download Patterns now.