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Is Your Brand Ready for 2017?

Posted By: SGK December 28, 2016

Consumers are moving away from the globalized, established world order – and moving toward a more local, accountable, way of thinking and acting. Enough homogenized, one-size-fits-all rhetoric – and more local empowerment toward grass roots delivery and accountability.

“Large global brands will face the challenge of relevancy in 2017. With consumers thinking more about themselves, their community, their country – rather than being inspired by your brands global reach – they may be turned off by it,” says Steve McGinnes, Managing Director, Branding & Design APAC at SGK.

What did 2016 hold for Asia’s top brands, and what can they do to continue growth in the New Year? 

WATCH: SGK’s Steve McGinnes Discusses 2016 Asian Brand Predictions

Global brands will need to work harder to connect locally to understand the nuances of behaviors, of preferences, of desires and fears of individuals and their real or virtual communities.

Brands need real insight into what makes people tick in 2017. We can’t simply continue to target Millennials, Gen Xers or Boomers as though they are single uniform groups. The hundreds of millions of individuals that make up these target groups are simply that – millions of individuals.

We need to go deeper.

“For brands to not just thrive, but to survive they must develop deep, relevant and actionable insight around the countries and communities they exist in,” says McGinnes.

They must translate that into services, products, communication and packaging that speak directly to those communities – in a clear, effective and motivating way. They must do it in a way that responds to the real needs of the consumer – not just the vision of the brand. They need to do it well and they need to do it quickly.

But local vs. global cannot mean lower quality. People want the same high quality in product, on pack and in service they are used to. They won’t compromise on quality for increased relevance. There must be a deep local knowledge, with actionable consumer insight, and relevance in product and packaging.  Consistently high quality will not just be expected, but demanded. For brands, the new world will look a lot like the current one – only much more so.