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Matthews Marking Systems’ Liz Churchill and Lyndsey Farrow to Present BrandSquare Webinar 6/23

Posted By: SGK June 13, 2016

Every smart shopper looks at the “best by” or “use by” code to make sure they’re getting a fresh product and to judge whether items that have migrated to the back of the fridge need to be thrown out -- but how do packaging codes and markings benefit brands?

Markings on packages and labels can benefit brands in many ways, from meeting requirements for traceability, to assuring consumers of product authenticity and freshness, to delivering a customized experience that builds loyalty. With all the good that variable marking and coding can do, why do brand owners, packaging engineers, and production line managers regard it as a necessary evil?

In our next BrandSquare webinar, Liz Churchill and Lyndsey Farrow of Matthews Marking Systems will discuss how variable marking, coding and identification requirements are actually a necessary good for consumers, producers, retailers and the brand itself.

Register now for the exclusive BrandSquare webinar “5 Ways Packaging Codes & Markings Benefit Consumers & Brands”. 

About Liz Churchill: Liz Churchill has 30 years’ experience in the product identification area, identifying products through bar codes, text and graphics in industrial, CPG, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. With an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Ohio State University, Liz has been issued two application patents for a track and trace system in the global wine market. Currently, Liz focuses on global sales and marketing, working with sister companies to provide winning solutions from primary packaging through distribution of products.

About Lyndsey Farrow: Lyndsey Farrow is an expert in marking and coding requirements in the CPG, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries with Matthews Marking Systems, a Division of Matthews International Corporation. With over 10 years of marketing communications experience, Lyndsey has published articles on the craft brew and tire industries, as well as product packaging best practices.