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SGK Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

Posted By: SGK March 08, 2019

This International Women’s Day, SGK celebrates women's achievements and contributions to society. Our teams around the globe created this video to support the progress for a gender-balanced world.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum recorded 1.75 Billion women in the global workforce. From graduation to retirement, an entire generation has now worked since the first equal pay legislation came into effect in 1970, yet the gender pay gap persists.

Annual pay for women today is now equal to men’s salaries from a decade ago. In 2018, Iceland passed the pay equity law that requires companies to prove they pay men and women fairly, without gender discrimination.

Executive teams of outperforming companies have more women in line roles versus staff roles. - McKinsey

By 2020, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs in the U.S. and, at the current rate of students graduating with degrees in computer science, men will outnumber women 4:1. Programs like Girls Who Code aims to educate and expose at least 1 million girls to computer science by 2020.

At least three women are needed for their voices to be heard and for the dynamics of the board to change “substantially.” - Peterson Institute for International Economics

Despite progress, the Historical List of Women confirms there are very few women in CEO roles at the world’s largest corporations. Currently women hold 24, or only 4.8 percent of CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Mentorship programs like Step Up help keep girls in school — getting them that much closer to an executive position. Other programs that elevate girls and women to achieve gender equality include: Equality Now, Fawcett Society, White Ribbon, and SouthAsia Women’s Fund.

Highly inclusive organizations generate 1.4 times more revenue and are 120 percent more capable of meeting financial targets. - Deloitte

A Message from Gary R. Kohl, President, SGK:

Diversity in the workplace is not about simply embracing a person’s ethnicity, gender, or race, but embracing their thinking. Any enterprise’s success is only the result of a well articulated, well executed vision, and most often that vision is developed and refined over time through diversity of thought – many voices and insights are combined to create a truly lasting formula for that success.

This is especially important in a global business like SGK, where we develop relationships with such a broad range of clients across many regions each with their own culture and expectations.

It’s time to reimagine expectations, build a strong foundation for the future, and change the history of the world.

How will you help forge a more gender-balanced world?