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The Agency’s Role in Partnering With In-House Teams

Posted By: SGK April 08, 2019

The explosive growth of in-house agencies is one of today’s most significant trends across the marketing and advertising industry. At the same time, most marketers still regard their external agency partners as a critical ingredient in the formula for success.

The result is both a symbiotic relationship and a disruptive shake-up that affects everything from strategy development to content creation and the ownership of ideas.

In our next BrandSquare webinar, join Eleanor Dake of Anthem for a lively discussion on the challenges and opportunities that come with bringing marketing strategy and creative in-house.

Be sure to register now and tune in on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 1-1:30PM ET.

Register now for: The Agency’s Role in Partnering With In-House Teams  

Join us and discover how to balance the strengths of both internal and external, achieving greater success than either could accomplish alone.

About Eleanor Dake: As Director of Client Engagement at Anthem, Eleanor is responsible for managing the agency’s client relationships and ensuring that the partnerships are healthy and productive — always driving towards new ways for a client’s brand to engage with consumers in a continually evolving marketplace. With over 15 years of experience shaping her current role, Eleanor finds that one of the most rewarding parts of her job is uncovering the common ground between the desires of her clients and Anthem’s creative team, as that process typically lands on unexpected creative and strategic business solutions that will resonate with today’s consumer.