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Transparency and Choice: Winning With Today's Consumers

Posted By: SGK August 02, 2018

Consumers today are actively encouraged to doubt practically everything. And they’re bombarded with conflicting information.

In our next BrandSquare webinar, join Mintel’s food and drink expert, Jenny Zegler, and learn how to inspire confidence in your brand by taking advantage of two leading consumer trends: Full Disclosure and Self-Fulfilling Practices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why today’s consumers have become so interested in the origins and ingredients of food and drink
  • How consumers are developing personalized self-care habits as they cope with uncertainty in a stressful world
  • What your brand can do to help consumers experience greater control, trust and well-being

Be sure to register now and tune in Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 1-1:30PM ET.

Register now for: Transparency and Choice: Winning With Today's Consumers  

Your brand can inspire trust and certainty amid the confusion and contradictions of today’s world — we’ll show you how!

About Jenny Zegler: Associate Director Jenny Zegler is the dedicated trends analyst on the Mintel Food & Drink platform, blending Mintel Trends expertise with food and drink-specific topics such as health and wellness, formulation, sustainability and retail innovation. In addition to monthly trend analysis, Jenny has led Mintel’s Global Food & Drink Trends project since 2015.