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Why Brand Engagement Isn’t All About Your Brand

Posted By: SGK November 03, 2017

There is a critical role for creative insight in today’s numbers-driven marketing world. In fact, the most engaging brands have always broken through the statistics to reach a deeper awareness. Consumers aren’t always rational and consistent. But they’re always ready to be surprised and delighted.

It seems counterintuitive, but true brand engagement isn’t always about sticking to your brand’s core messaging, based on market and demographic research.

In our next BrandSquare webinar, presented by Anthem’s Eleanor Dake and Amy Small, learn why your consumers are more than just numbers and break through to their deeper values.

Be sure to register now and tune in Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 1-1:30PM ET.

Register now for: Why Brand Engagement Isn’t All About Your Brand 

This is your opportunity to gain their insights into the creative and strategic processes that tap into unexpected human motivations. Explore inspiring examples and get tips for transforming your own brand.

About Eleanor Dake: Eleanor is responsible for managing Anthem’s client relationships. From her years of experience in the agency environment, her ultimate goal is to ensure that the client and agency team are able to uncover the strategic and creative common ground to develop solutions that drive toward successful consumer engagement. Both as a consumer and as a marketing professional, Eleanor enjoys being surprised by new ideas and finding that sweet spot between the data and the delightful “a-ha” moment!

About Amy Small: Amy Small brings nearly 15 years of creative and strategic experience in traditional and digital advertising, brand development, social content, non-profit support, and .com platform experiences to her role as group creative director for Anthem Atlanta. Her work has been recognized by the Webbys, Effies, Addys and NY Festivals, and she is an active participant in the 3% Movement to bridge the gender gap in creative advertising leadership.