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Consumer Packaging Mega-Trends Influencing Pharma Brands – Live Session 10/23

Posted By: SGK October 20, 2014
Consumer Packaging Mega-Trends Influencing Pharma Brands – a Live Session

How CPGs are managed and marketed has been revolutionized in recent years. These big changes are now coming to the pharmaceutical industry. Are you ready?

Join us this Thursday, October 23, 2014 as Bruce Levinson, VP of Client Engagement at SGK, explains how an understanding of today’s big CPG trends can help you position your brand for greater success

Bruce will share how the nature of branding has been redefined, highlight six CPG mega-trends that are creating new risks… and new opportunities, including these three:

•    Global Consumerism – International access, travel, cuisine, fashion and sports have created a taste for the world beyond one’s doorstep.

•    Celebration of Authenticity – Demonstrated by brands with a compelling, lasting narrative: the brands that don’t change with the whims and fancies of the latest fads, plus newer brands that offer something distinctive and not easily copied.

•    Sustainability Consciousness – It’s not just about saving the planet. It’s about how a company and its brands interact with resources, people and even ideals in an efficient manner.

Register now for CPG Mega-Trends Influencing Pharma Brands, a BrandSquare Live Session – 10/23/14 at 1pm EDT. Join us!