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The Currency of Time: Does Your Brand Spend It or Save It?

Posted By: SGK September 08, 2011

Take the top 100 global brands. Some of them have very robust KPIs (key performance indicators) for brand deployment stages like premedia, print management and digital execution. But for many, their systems are surprisingly light. Their CRM systems are typically robust, but CRM systems aren’t well-suited to tracking deployment-stage KPIs.

These brands are wasting the currency of time. You see, brand deployment KPIs leverage a crucial fact – that for every brand, it’s better to reach consumers faster, in order to shape preferences, trends, purchases. In other words, until the sale is made, speed is your “green.”

And this is especially true today, as brands grow more kinetic by the day. They reach more shoppers with more interconnected messages in more media, and these media are increasingly capable of responding quickly to changing marketing opportunities. So why not have a KPI system that puts management’s finger on the pulse of the processes that bring these messages to life?

Are a cereal brand’s promotional packages requiring too many rework cycles? Are these problems the result of slow client feedback? Or is the problem upstream, in vague briefs that result in brand managers having to play Superman at the 11th hour? KPIs help you identify these problems and craft solutions. You can already see how they could save time. Why spend more than you need to?