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The Fallacy of the Low-Involvement Category

Posted By: SGK January 17, 2012

“I’m not buying the low-involvement category argument at all,” writes Bruce Levinson in a recent guest post in the MediaPost blog, “The Fallacy of the Low-Involvement Category.” The Vice President of Brand Strategy at Anthem Worldwide goes on to explain. Too often “low-involvement” purchase is an excuse for poor brand performance, when in fact any brand can produce a high-involvement product if its marketing includes these ingredients:

  • A meaningful consumer insight
  • A desired brand benefit
  • A compelling brand narrative

Levinson gives examples: Geico insurance and Axe men’s body products are two big successes in categories that typically inspire little joy; the Livestrong charity impassions many people but has to compete against charities that perhaps tug harder on the heartstrings on any given day, such as disaster-relief efforts. Levinson shows how these three brands drive higher involvement and strong attachment.

The lessons might apply to your brand. Rethink low-involvement categories now.