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Feeding Shoppers’ Curiosity – BrandSquare Live Session 8/28

Posted By: SGK August 07, 2014

Curiosity is a powerful emotion. It fuels desire and drives new discoveries. So when you can pique consumers’ curiosity, you’ve won half the battle. And if you can reward their curiosity with new solutions to meet their needs, you’ve gained new customers. 

In his BrandSquare Live Session, "Feeding Shoppers’ Curiosity," Jim Lucas, Director of Global Insights and Strategy at SGK, examines how knowing what matters to shoppers in a specific category will allow for brands and retailers to be more successful at piquing consumers' curiosity. And how rewarding curiosity with a new solution can help establish new habits, routines and occasions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how marketers can to stand out in today’s marketplace, including touch-points such as:

•    How shoppers spend more time and effort when curious
•    How curiosity activates reward circuitry in the brain
•    How curiosity enables new behaviors 
•    How to get into consumers’ consideration set

Join us August 28, 2014, at 1 p.m. EDT for this must-see LIVE session. We hope to see you there. Register now!