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A Fresh Perspective: 3 Ways To Extract Your Brand’s Untapped Potential

Posted By: SGK November 18, 2013

Throughout 2013, strategists at Anthem, part of our brand development group, observed how innovative brands are leveraging untapped potential by re-imagining their products, competencies and experiences. It requires a fresh perspective and a bit of courage, but the benefits are worth it!

Here are three Sightings to help inform how your brand can unlock its hidden potential: 

1.    Africa Ascending – Africa has long been a continent of rich natural resources and is now experiencing strong economic growth. Major international companies are entering the region with their own goods and services or are partnering with African businesses to market products locally and abroad. 

What it means for marketers: 
The African continent is just beginning to unleash its potential. It has shown strong growth and swelling middle class with discretionary spending. If selling in Africa isn’t possible, consider partnering with local businesses or non-profits.

2.    Lean In Towards Men – While male-focused categories have developed over the last decade, men are still largely an untapped market. Marketers are recognizing this and spending more time and dollars understanding what men really want.

What it means for marketers:
•    Embrace the idea that your brand’s core target might be men. Or, find a way to bridge the gap and deliver gender-neutral marketing.
•    Invest time and resources to build strong connections with men. Communicate in a way that’s genuine, not rote or stereotypical.

3.    Unused Capacity – With continuing population growth, more value will need to be extracted from our limited resources. Recent innovations are turning what were once under-utilized resources into value-generating assets. 

What it means for marketers:
•    Challenge your own assumptions. What is the untapped potential of your product or service? How you can unlock more value from what might already be within your existing asset base or supply chain?
•    Can you re-purpose your product, such as its packaging, into something of greater value?

For more insight on these trends and how to prepare for 2014 download the latest issue of SIGHTINGS: Inspiring Observations From Around The Globe.