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How Category Code Convergence Threatens Your Packaging: On Slideshare Now

Posted By: SGK February 12, 2013

Does your packaging mimic the design cues of your competitors? Does it use common signifiers that make you feel comfortable as a marketer but fail to distinguish your products? Are you visually risk-averse? Have you lost sight of the fact that shoppers want to be intrigued and inspired, not just reassured?

If so, spend a few minutes with Brandimage package design experts Rob Swan and Michael Colton. The presentation from their lively and clear Live Session webinar, How Category Code Convergence Threatens Your Packaging, is now on SlideShare. Through concrete packaging examples and intuitive diagrams, they show the powerful negative pull of “category code convergence.” How did Coca-Cola break out of this vicious cycle? Why does the women’s aerosol deodorant category still suffer from it?

Grab your lunch and spend some productive time with How Category Code Convergence Threatens Your Packaging, then share it with your brand team. It’s an eye-opener. Then sign up at BrandSquare for alerts for every BrandSquare Live Session, in which experts from Schawk, Inc. and others – like Guy Kawasaki and David Aaker – discuss key issues and trends in brand development and brand deployment today.