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Know Your Shoppers: How Piquing Curiosity Deepens Relationships Between Shoppers & Brands

Posted By: SGK August 29, 2014

Curiosity is one of our most basic biological drives as humans. It’s an almost irresistible drives that leads us on a quest for more knowledge, turning us into explorers and discoverers. For marketers, tapping into shoppers’ curiosity represents both enormous opportunity and responsibility to keep consumers engaged with their brands, according to Jim Lucas, Director of Strategy & Insights at SGK.

In his BrandSquare Live Session, “Feeding Shoppers’ Curiosity,” Jim notes that curiosity can be both piqued and rewarded. In fact, shoppers spend more time and effort when they’re curious. Curiosity also activates reward circuitry in the brain and human memory is actually enhanced if curiosity is piqued and surprising new information is presented to consumers. 

The opportunity lies in recognizing that curiosity serves as a stimulus for learning. It can be designed to address the needs of your shoppers. But once it’s piqued, it’s the brand’s responsibility to reward that curiosity. As Jim explained, piqued curiosity without reward is like unrequited love, like a joke without a punch line! 

See how completing the curiosity equation helps build deeper relationships between shoppers and brands. Watch now!