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The New Package: Two Viewpoints

Posted By: SGK April 12, 2014
The New Package: Two Viewpoints

The package is the first, truest and most essential manifestation of a brand. Packs are created to sell, be interacted with and to be appreciated, in the store and at home. But too often, the package’s strength isn’t leveraged across other media – especially when it comes to the e-commerce “shelf,” where the package isn’t nearly as efficient, consistent or powerful as it could be.

It’s time for consumer brands to rethink how the package influences brand perception. In the latest issue of PATTERNS, we offer two distinct but complementary viewpoints on The New Package:

Our President Eric Ashworth discusses why brands must develop packaging for in-store and online contexts simultaneously. “Why do we allow our brands to suffer the loss of an incredible consumer connection when they enter online retail?” he asks. 

And SGK Global Chief Creative Officer Lor Gold shares why brands must re-think the physical package and elevate it in the marketing hierarchy. Why? Because it IS marketing and it has to be allowed to market. 

Explore these two perspectives and learn how to leverage the core brand values expressed in packaging into new shopper and consumer touchpoints. Download PATTERNS – Marketing Forward: New Insights to Drive Brand Performance.