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Now on YouTube: Craig Briggs' BrandSquare Live Session – 12 Observations from 20 Years in Asian Brand-Building

Posted By: SGK March 13, 2013

For insight into brand-building in Asia today, it helps to have 20 years of perspective: it’s easier to separate the trends from the enduring traits. Brandimage Asia expert Craig Briggs condenses two decades’ worth of branding experience into 35 informative minutes in Bridging Brands & Borders: Observations from 20 Years in Asia, the recent BrandSquare Live Session now available on the BrandSquare YouTube channel.

Briggs talks about the diversity of Asian cultures (nearly 300 languages are spoken in China alone), the “collective” mentality that ties families, towns and regions together, Asians’ capacity for dealing with sudden change, and their many shopping influences, ranging from traditional brands to edgy Japanese and Western imports.

His “11 Power Observations” alone will influence how you think about branding in Asia – or in any new region. And the live Q&A after his presentation was also fruitful. He explains private label’s potential in Asia, how shoppers combine local-market and supermarket shopping, and even the growth of the import wine industry in China: once dominated by French red wines, now it includes Italian, California and other “new world” vintages.

Grab some co-workers and spend tomorrow’s lunchtime watching Bridging Brands & Borders: Observations from 20 Years in Asia.