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Rich Brand Experiences: 3 Marketing Trends That Are Setting the Stage for 2014

Posted By: SGK November 21, 2013


Consumers today have a growing desire for rich content that draws them in and creates lasting emotional connections. Reflecting on 2013, strategists at Anthem, part of SGK’s brand development group, identified three key trends that have paved the way for the year to come.

“Viewing Spree” – This growing entertainment habit is driven both by consumers’ ability to control when and how they view media, and networks like Netflix, offering full series marathons. While conventional belief says it’s best to create suspense and longing, placing control of media consumption in viewers’ hands actually provides a richer storytelling experience. 

What it means for marketers:
•    Create a multi-faceted and integrated content strategy that tells a rich story over time.
•    Consider how your brand’s character can be built through multiple touchpoints that reveal different sides of your brand.

Personalized Shopping Services – To resolve shoppers’ pain points, retail and online services are simplifying and enriching the shopping experience. They’re also creating a sense of discovery, offering unique products and curated shopping baskets that get more attuned to shoppers over time. 

What it means for marketers:
•    Look for ways to solve a consumer problem by making their shopping experience more simple and fulfilling. 
•    Investigate new product distribution channels. This could result in opportunities to reach niche consumer groups and test new product concepts.

Sentimentality vs. Humor – This year a number of ad campaigns passed on humor to appeal to our hearts, including commercials during the Super Bowl and Oscars. The most popular were longer, 60-second spots that told authentic and emotive stories. Each was carefully crafted, unrushed and poignant. One memorable example was Dodge Ram’s commercial, “Farmer.”

What it means for marketers:

Ask yourself if humor suits your brands’ character and aligns with its story. Humor does create engagement, but it can often be fleeting. Sentimentality seems soft, but allows your brand to have a long lasting impact.

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