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Top 3 Packaging Design Trends From Lor Gold

Posted By: SGK November 11, 2013

Lor Gold, our Global Chief Creative Officer, recently sat down with Dow Chemical Company to discuss the role of packaging in driving brand performance.

In the interview, featured in Dow’s inaugural magazine, IN: A Perspective on Global Packaging, Gold says that if no other forms of marketing communications can be afforded, packaging is the non-negotiable defining factor. It’s the essential element in the thinking behind brand strategy and brand performance.

“Packaging is probably the biggest performance initiative any brand can have, and it must be thought about at the highest levels. Not just rationally, not just as a functional part of what the brand stands for, but as everything that the brand stands for,” Gold shared with Dow.

He points to these three packaging design trends and encourages brands to think about how each one impacts customers. 

1. Built-in Technology. We are just at the beginning of smart technology embedded into packaging. As time goes on, this will become increasingly sophisticated and will be of greater use to consumers through continued research by smart technology companies.

2. Industrial Design. Shape is enduring and says so much about a brand, Gold says. This is where industrial design is taking over and opportunities for talented designers are available. Given today’s technology, it is less expensive and easier to execute than it once was, allowing more small design firms to participate at a higher level, than ever before.

3. A New Way Of Thinking. The industry is rethinking itself. Other areas of marketing and communications are growing in importance, packaging being one of them. There is a shift away from mass marketing. Gold notes that the emerging talent in the packaging industry is unique, innovative and is allowing us to think of packaging in ways we haven’t even conceived of yet! 

Packaging is more important today than ever before and its impact needs to be stronger than ever before. It’s the key to achieve the utmost in brand performance

Read Lor Gold’s full interview in Dow Chemical Company’s, IN: A Perspective on Global Packaging.