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Watch on YouTube: Lor Gold’s “Creativity in Shopper Marketing: Emotional or Rational or Both?”

Posted By: SGK December 11, 2012

SGK's Chief Global Creative Director, Lor Gold, never stops advocating for change in how brands and their agencies approach creative work. He does it from the first minute in of his recent BrandSquare Live Session, “Creativity in Shopper Marketing: Emotional or Rational or Both?” first by stating that the creative element in shopper marketing must advance as quickly as the strategic part currently is, then by taking questions from his lively online audience the minute they started popping up, halfway through his 45-minute presentation.

This new balance between strategy and creative in shopper marketing is what brands want and what agencies need to deliver, and Gold says it’s happening already in many Asian locales, such as Singapore, Hong King, Burma and Cambodia, where groundbreaking work appears frequently in retail stores and where shoppers are “interested in anything a brand does.”

Proof of the power of shopper creative closer to Gold’s home is the way Coors beer packaging has been so effective in “owning the message of ‘cold’” that a huge percentage of beer drinkers now actually think that Coors is intrinsically colder.

Effective shopper marketing like this depends on consumer, retailer and shopper insights being considered together at the very outset of a campaign or brand launch, Gold says – not in the “linear” approach in which shopper insights are brought to bear later, in the tactical phases of the brand lifecycle.

This is just a small sampling of what Gold and his audience discussed in “Creativity in Shopper Marketing: Emotional or Rational or Both?” It’s archived now on YouTube for you and your colleagues and clients to learn from.