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What Is Shopper Marketing? Well, What Kind of Agency Are You?

Posted By: SGK December 30, 2011

Recently we posed a few questions to Lor Gold, SGK's Global Chief Creative Officer. What we got back almost immediately, in language any good copywriter would be proud of, was thousands of words on branding, marketing, agencies, clients and shoppers. One of the questions was what “shopper marketing” means right now. Lor responded:

"What makes shopper marketing so hard to define is that that it’s always being defined by what the agency is known for doing. A promo agency defines it from a promotional point of view. A branded environments/architecture agency sees it through the eyes of an architect. An agency driven by shopper behaviorists sees insights as the core of the definition.

All are right about how to approach the problem. That’s why there isn’t “a” definition but many, all moving through the portal where they feel most comfortable.

At SGK, we have a definition that we think is very smart, based on the concept of “inside out.” It starts with true marketing analytics. And it starts with the brand itself as the treasure – not a well-produced branded message that bears little resemblance to the actual brand.

In our world, to define shopper marketing you have to acknowledge the fascinating creative battle between “brand essence” and “brand real.” Brand Real is the thing that you can pick up, touch, use, smell – it’s in your home, it’s part of your life.  It should be hoisted high and carried up one media corridor and down the next. If you understand your Brand Real, then the shopper automatically makes more sense to you, too, and the resulting Brand Essence makes more sales."