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Why You Shouldn’t Undervalue Research for Insights

Posted By: SGK February 13, 2014

Validation research is a key element of brand development, but there’s a good chance you’re relying on it too much – and in the process undervaluing “research for insights.” Insight-focused research can lead to real breakthroughs in product development and can reduce the number of concepts that use vital resources. 

By giving more weight to insight research brands can more effectively engage consumers in conversations that better consider their needs. 

•    Ask consumers, “What role do the category and brand play in your life?” 
•    Do more consumer engagement, shopper engagement and social listening.
•    Do ethnographic research and qualitative research to understand consumers’ lives and how categories, products and brands fit in. 

This is what ultimately uncovers insights about whether a product will be desirable to shoppers and consumers.

“Validation is inherently backward-looking research designed specifically to eliminate options in order to clarify the next steps. It can prevent weaker products from reaching market, but it can’t make up for the resources spent on them,” says Bruce Levinson, Vice President of Client Engagement at SGK. 

A brand that performs has to start with powerful insights that lead to a confident, compelling proposition and credible products with strong marketing plans to be validated in tried-and-true ways. Validation is more confident, marketing plans are more inspired, and the proposition is more intuitive when insight research has been open and robust. Try it!

For more on the benefits of research for insights, download Patterns – Marketing Forward: New Insights to Drive Brand Performance.