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Case Study
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SGK’s Anthem Reimagines Danone’s AQUA From Leader Into Hero

Danone AQUA is the largest water brand in the world based on volume and market share. Though already the market leader in Indonesia, it was challenged to maintain clear differentiation from imitators and new entrants from other global bottled water brands.

AQUA had created a new visual expression for the concept “Goodness of Nature,” but it was not integrated with the existing visual identity system and was difficult to manage. This created multiple challenges.

• A fragmented visual identity system, inconsistent appearance and consumer confusion
• A dated visual identity system that no longer reflected AQUA’s progressive brand proposition
• Newer brands attracting younger consumers away from AQUA

Danone asked SGK’s Anthem to bring clarity and consistency to AQUA’s entire brand.

Anthem started with in-depth research with shoppers, consumers, retailers and AQUA employees to determine what AQUA “owned” in the marketplace with respect to visual equities and to identify gaps and weak spots relative to the brand positioning.

At the same time, Anthem performed extensive consumer and channel research for keener insight on the broader bottled water market in Indonesia. The brand needed to be culturally sensitive and motivated by what was actually happening in the country. The result would be a design solution that was more enriching, more desirable and more.

Anthem also conducted a full audit of all brand expressions, materials and touchpoints to understand how far a new visual identity needed to stretch and adapt.

From these insights, Anthem was able to craft an entire identity system that embodied desirability, to drive awareness, trial and repeat purchase.

Anthem developed a new creative expression for AQUA based on the concept of “Spirit of Progress.” Visually, this told the AQUA brand story (progress, goodness of nature, source of water, mountains) using a contemporary take on the traditional Indonesian batik art form. Anthem tested this with Indonesian consumers, who responded very positively.

This combination of progress and nature, current and traditional gave Danone AQUA immediate familiarity and appeal to shoppers, complementing its already strong awareness.

This concept was then developed into a full visual system – an updated logo, color palette, illustrations and signature elements that could be infused into all AQUA’s touchpoints. This created a more cohesive look for the brand, so that its essence can be found in every expression. It also created a fresher and more vibrant personality to connect emotionally with the young shoppers. And crucially, the visual system made AQUA look far more iconic overall, transforming it from a “leader’ to a ‘hero.”

Cohesiveness and vibrancy contribute to AQUA’s “hero” profile – a powerful desirability factor in driving product trial.

To have greater control over brand visuals, Anthem created a set of comprehensive guidelines that articulated the many scenarios in which the AQUA brand could be used. This now minimizes inconsistency across all touchpoints and encourages consumers to trust the brand, look for it and find it easily.

"A challenge that was well thought-out and well handled in rebranding one of the biggest brands in Indonesia, and so iconic. The Anthem team nailed it with perseverance and passion. As a result, AQUA has a beautiful and meaningful visual identity to strengthen its position as the heroic and iconic brand."

Joshua Gunawan
Senior Brand Manager
Danone AQUA