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ANTHEM Sightings, Issue 2, 2014 - Building Bridges: Facilitating Passage Between Physical and Digital

Inside this issue of ANTHEM SIGHTINGS, you'll find a new take on how companies and brands are making connections—whether it’s leveraging marketing strategies in order to link consumers to one another, expanding products to new markets, creating individualized brand experiences for consumers, or building bridges across digital and physical interactions.

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few Sightings from this issue:

  • BUILDING BRIDGES – Learn how brands and companies are creating experiences and tools to bridge the gap between physical and digital elements in order to extend consumer engagement (Lego, Scribble Stylus, Google and aisle411)
  • SHINE THROUGH – Transparent substrates and materials allow for unobstructed views in home décor, fashion, and architecture
  • CONTENT WITH A KICK –  Non-sports brands win big at the World Cup with relevant and creative content (Castrol, Benefit Cosmetics, and Snickers)
  • SHARE IT FORWARD – Find out how several brands are stimulating growth by simply encouraging a kind gesture (Coca-Cola, Slim Jim, Kit Kat)