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Anthem Sightings Issue 3, 2013 - Untapped Potential

Here’s a new look on innovation, one that is extracted by leveraging Untapped Potential. A core tenet of this trend is to see things that have been there all along by re-imagining competencies, products, experiences, and brands in new ways. Or, perhaps in some instances, it’s that the time is finally right for the potential to be realized.

Lean In Towards Men: The Other Half of the Shopper Market
Find out how a few consumer and retail brands are finding growth by treating men as a significant target market in their own right.

Value in Plain Sight: Unlocking Hidden Capacity in Everyday Resources
See how some companies are unlocking potential and adding value by leveraging untapped resources in imaginative, powerful, and efficient ways.

The New Media: Creating Relevant Touchpoints
While the media industry has already gone through significant transformation, it continues to evolve, impacting not just the what, but also the how and when, consumers engage with the media, consuming everything from news to information to entertainment. What’s at the center of these changes? The consumer. 

Look, No Hands! Touchless Tech Gets the Job done
Touchless technology is high potential and on the up-tick, rendering some tasks unnecessary and simplifying the everyday.

Do Good Design: Leveraging Design for the Better
Today we find design moving beyond form and function to have an even greater impact, creating holistic solutions that elevate consumer experiences, impacting their well-being in powerful ways.