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ANTHEM Sightings Issue 4, 2013 - The Age of Redefinition

In our annual Forecast Issue, we explore what’s on the horizon as we start 2014—a year we’re predicting will be a time rooted in redefinition whereby marketers can take advantage of renewed possibilities and a clean-slate approach to brand-building.

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few Sightings to give you a sense of what The Age of Redefinition looks like:

  • Bring it Home – Learn how some companies are “reshoring” and finding value in coming back home, benefiting not only themselves, but also their brands and their communities.
  • Technology for All – See how consumers’ expectations are changing as technology spreads its wings, transcending age, purpose, and place.
  • A Measured Life – Technology and data are stepping in the help improve the lives of consumers. Find out how marketers can join in to help deliver consumers the complete solution.
  • For What It’s Worth – Learn the new value equation and how consumers are getting beyond benefits, features, quality, and utility.

As always, we hope Sightings can offer insights and a spark for new ideas as you enter this new year.