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Patterns Issue 1 2018 - Designed to Connect: Meeting the Demands of Empowered Consumers

Consumers now have so many ways to encounter and interact with brands that it can be hard to command attention and forge a lasting bond. In this issue of Patterns, we offer insights into the new consumer empowerment and how to turn it to your advantage by creating meaningful connections.

  • 5 Building Blocks for Winning at the Digital Shelf
  • The Insatiable Demand for Content
  • Rewriting the Packaging Rulebook: Strategy, Design and Delivery Under One Roof
  • Digital Content Production: What's Next?
  • 10 Tips for Successfully Implementing Marketing Automation
  • How to Start Measuring Content Marketing ROI
  • Achieving Value-Based Outcomes: The Role of Human-Centric Design Thinking in Healthcare

Don't just add to the competitive noise. Be the brand that consumers want to connect with.